GOBY Executive Assembly

GOBY Executive Assembly

Goby LogoOn Monday October 2nd, Brenna will be presenting at the 5th Annual Goby Executive Assembly in Chicago!

This event is an afternoon experience full of carefully curated content: workshops, presentations and educational sessions brought to you by our team. This is a great opportunity to connect with peers, share best practices, and discuss industry trends.

The day will end at the Chicago GRESB results event, also hosted by Goby.

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How to Recover Your Investments in Sustainability at Boston Greenbuild

How to Recover Your Investments in Sustainability at Boston Greenbuild

“All In” encompasses the breadth of the sustainability and green building movement. Capturing all people, all sectors, all industries, all buildings, all cities and so much more, this theme welcomes everyone to grow as green building champions, and to do so at Greenbuild. When we come together at Greenbuild, we are one community of professionals, advocates and practitioners, students and teachers, designers and builders, and everything in between. We are all in. We invite people from every walk of life, from all over the globe, to learn with us and to help elevate green building principles and practices to the next level. “All In” also describes the depth of commitment we feel to our community and to our mission. We leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of what’s next — new technology, new ideas and new ways forward. We are dedicated to transforming the market and changing the way the people all over the world experience buildings. We are all in.

Brenna Walraven will be presenting, “How to Recover Your Investments in Sustainability” at the 2017 Greenbuild Boston Education Program!

A08 : How to Recover Your Investments in Sustainability
Date: Wednesday, November 8, 2017
Time: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Brenna at the 2017 Smart Building Energy Summit

The Building Energy Summit® is an annual conference designed to educate building owners and operators on energy efficient technologies and solutions, collaborate on best practices, share successful case studies, and provide the resources needed to take action.

This year’s Summit focuses on the integration of new technologies into building operations — from smart building solutions, to advanced data and analytics, to cloud based monitoring and controls. Senior real estate executives will join technology and energy experts to present new approaches to efficiency in buildings, as well as the added benefits associated with creating a better workplace.

Highlights of the 2017 Building Energy Summit®:

  • Keynote presentations by nationally renowned speakers
  • Case study presentations of the smartest, most energy efficient buildings
  • 16 educational sessions in 4 different tracks, featuring leading building owners, technology leaders, and energy experts
  • Multiple networking events to meet and collaborate with other attendees
  • Resource Pavilion with best in class solution and technology providers
  • Join us on April 27, 2017 in Washington, DC at the industry’s premier event for owners and operators of energy efficient buildings!

Brenna Walraven is speaking on “Building  Performance that Pays – Insights from the 1st IREM Energy  Efficiency Survey”.

Come by and be a part of this informative session!

Executive Summary

As more real estate professionals are realizing, energy information is powerful. Data on a building’s energy demand and consumption helps control expenses and position the property for success in the market. Tenants have become savvy about the operating costs of the spaces they lease—and the relative affordability of energy-efficient real estate compared to conventional alternatives.

The industry has reached a point where those knowledgeable of energy efficiency and the power of energy information pursue reductions in energy use as part of normal operating procedures. How widespread is the practice of improving building energy performance? The IREM Energy Efficiency Survey, developed in collaboration with the Institute for Market Transformation (IMT), sought to answer these questions. Just as data on an individual building allows a property management team to pursue actions and projects to improve performance, IREM and IMT intend to use survey data to inform the development of programs and resources to help the industry advance. IREM will also provide survey data to the market to allow real estate owners and managers to assess their own practices, perceptions, skills, and knowledge. While the survey addressed a variety of topics related to energy management, this report focuses on energy efficiency finance using relevant survey results, as well as commentary from industry experts, to support the narrative.

MORE ON THIS EVENT HERE: http://2017.buildingenergysummit.com/

Purchase the survey here: http://www.irem.org/resources/store/product/1181E

Executive High-Performance Smart Building Symposium

Executive High-Performance Smart Building Symposium

Brenna Walraven will be co-chairing the Realcomm 2017 5th Annual Sustainability Executive High-Performance Smart Building Symposium, June 13th – 15th.

Realcomm 2017 will be held in San Diego, CA, a region that is one of the most diverse and dynamic in the country. Recognized as one of the leading high-tech hubs in the U.S., San Diego’s innovative economy is anchored by established life science, communications, cleantech and software industries fueled by a collaborative culture and sophisticated support systems focused on commercializing research and growing entrepreneurial, knowledge-based companies. Our close proximity to many successful tech firms allows unprecedented access to amazing speakers and visionaries from this region on topics such as: Cybersecurity, Next Generation Workplace Design and Strategy; Comprehensive Information Management Solutions; and Smart, Connected, High Performance, Energy Efficient, Sustainable, and Intelligent Buildings and Campuses.

The Realcomm | IBcon Expo floor will feature more than 150 leading technology solutions providers, giving attendees access to representatives who will share solutions specific to our industry. Dynamic Education Programs, Solution Provider Expo, LIVE Interviews, Tech Briefings and Tours, Networking – these are just a few of the many things that keep Commercial Real Estate, Corporate Real Estate, Institutional and Government IT, Facilities, Energy, Sustainability and HR Professionals coming back to Realcomm year after year!!


ISSA Deal Session: Optimizing Waste & Recycling in Your Distribution Center

Brenna Walraven will be participating in the ISSA webinar, ISSA Deal Session: Optimizing Waste & Recycling in Your Distribution Center – March 1, 2017 which is scheduled 03/01/2017 at 11:00 AM Central Time.

Webinar Details:
Add this webinar to your calendar: https://issa.ilinc.com/calendar/tywzvbz/zmwfczpx
Title: ISSA Deal Session: Optimizing Waste & Recycling in Your Distribution Center – March 1, 2017
Date & Time: 03/01/2017 at 11:00 AM Central Time
Duration: 1 hour(s)

ISSA Website: http://www.issa.com

BOMA China Conference September 21 & 22, 2017

BOMA China Conference September 21 & 22, 2017

Holistic approach to energy management and the effect of energy management on asset value

Effective management of energy consumption, costs and overall operating costs as for years been considered a best practice.  But in the past ten years, growing research demonstrate a strong correlation between holistic energy management and improved occupancy, rental income, net operating income and asset value.

Brenna Walraven, a recognized global leader in sustainability execution, will provide an overview of best practice approaches to:

  • Holistic energy management as a proxy for good management
  • The importance of a following the Guidelines to Energy Management Best practices:
    • Make a Commitment, Plan, Take Action, Check Progress approach
    • which is in alignment with ISO 14,000
  • Value of low and no cost best practices to better manage energy consumption and costs –
    • taking from BOMA International’s BEEP (BOMA Energy Efficiency Program)
  • Overview of leading research on the connection between energy management and asset value
  • Key action items to have an impact immediately on energy and financial performance
    • Including an overview of the BOMA Energy Performance Contract Model Toolkit (which has been translated into Mandarin and is available for members)

BOMA China Conference
September 21 and 22, 2017
Beijing, China