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How to Recover Your Investments in Sustainability at Boston Greenbuild

How to Recover Your Investments in Sustainability at Boston Greenbuild

“All In” encompasses the breadth of the sustainability and green building movement. Capturing all people, all sectors, all industries, all buildings, all cities and so much more, this theme welcomes everyone to grow as green building champions, and to do so at Greenbuild. When we come together at Greenbuild, we are one community of professionals, advocates and practitioners, students and teachers, designers and builders, and everything in between.

We are all in. We invite people from every walk of life, from all over the globe, to learn with us and to help elevate green building principles and practices to the next level. “All In” also describes the depth of commitment we feel to our community and to our mission. We leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of what’s next — new technology, new ideas and new ways forward.

We are dedicated to transforming the market and changing the way the people all over the world experience buildings. We are all in.

Brenna Walraven will be presenting, “How to Recover Your Investments in Sustainability” at the 2017 Greenbuild Boston Education Program!

A08 : How to Recover Your Investments in Sustainability
Date: Wednesday, November 8, 2017
Time: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Triple Bottom Line Valuation Methods

Triple Bottom Line Valuation Methods

Urban Land Institute – Responsible Property Investing Council – will be hosting an October 25th panel in Los Angeles on Triple Bottom Line Valuation Methods.

Triple Bottom Line Cost-Benefit Analysis (TBL-CBA) is not a new concept, but moving it from the peripheral discussions to mainstream practice in real estate transactions has seemed an elusive goal. Challenges have ranged from the cost and complexity of assumptions – often reliant on consultant-heavy, custom-built assessments for each project – to the willingness of investors to consider these benefits in financial decisions.

Now, new tools like Autocase, help streamline and standardize the analysis, and major users like Prologis are demonstrating how this data can be used to benefit their business and support decision making. Meanwhile, investors (like Principal and TH Real Estate) are beginning to incorporate these considerations in their valuations.

This panel will discuss ways in which institutional investors like Prologis are evaluating new means for capturing, analyzing and measuring broader ESG impacts.  Chris Pyke also provide perspective from not only his work at Aclima but also his work at GRESB talking with institutional investors globally around  ESG and health and wellness issues.

  • What lessons can be learned from these experiences, and what are the continued challenges?
  • What opportunities exist to improve these tools and scale their use even further?
  • Hear three perspectives, provide feedback on these examples, and suggest additional ways to advance this discussion with wider audiences of ULI members.

The key goal of the session is to spend 20-25 minutes laying out these concepts and then 35-40 minutes discussing these as a group.

  • Moderator(s):
    • Brenna Walraven, President and CEO, Corporate Sustainability Strategies (fm)
  • Speaker(s):
    • Jeannie-Renne Malone, VP, Sustainability, Prologis
    • Eric Bill, Principal Consultant, Autocase
    • Chris Pyke, Chief Strategy Officer, Aclima
GOBY Executive Assembly & GRESB Results

GOBY Executive Assembly & GRESB Results

Goby LogoOn Monday October 2nd, Brenna will be presenting at the 5th Annual Goby Executive Assembly in Chicago!

This event is an afternoon experience full of carefully curated content: workshops, presentations and educational sessions brought to you by our team. This is a great opportunity to connect with peers, share best practices, and discuss industry trends.

The day will end at the Chicago GRESB results event, also hosted by Goby.

Goby website

BOMA China Conference September 21 & 22, 2017

BOMA China Conference September 21 & 22, 2017

Holistic approach to energy management and the effect of energy management on asset value

Effective management of energy consumption, costs and overall operating costs as for years been considered a best practice.  But in the past ten years, growing research demonstrate a strong correlation between holistic energy management and improved occupancy, rental income, net operating income and asset value.

Brenna Walraven, a recognized global leader in sustainability execution, will provide an overview of best practice approaches to:

  • Holistic energy management as a proxy for good management
  • The importance of a following the Guidelines to Energy Management Best practices:
    • Make a Commitment, Plan, Take Action, Check Progress approach
    • which is in alignment with ISO 14,000
  • Value of low and no cost best practices to better manage energy consumption and costs –
    • taking from BOMA International’s BEEP (BOMA Energy Efficiency Program)
  • Overview of leading research on the connection between energy management and asset value
  • Key action items to have an impact immediately on energy and financial performance
    • Including an overview of the BOMA Energy Performance Contract Model Toolkit (which has been translated into Mandarin and is available for members)

BOMA China Conference
September 21 and 22, 2017
Beijing, China

BOMI High Performance Buildings – Practices (HP2) Course

BOMI High Performance Buildings – Practices (HP2) Course

The Building Owners & Managers Institute International or BOMI will be presenting their High Performance Sustainable Buildings program.  Brenna Walraven will be teaching and mentoring during these courses.

The program consists of three courses:

  • High Performance Sustainable Buildings – Principles (Thursday to Sat, August 24-26, 2017) at Oracle Corporate Head Quarters.
  • High Performance Sustainable Buildings – Practices (HP2) will be held in Oct 18-20, 2017.
  • High Performance Sustainable Buildings – Investments (HP3) will be held Feb 15-17, 2018

While being hosted by Oracle, it is open to the public.  For more information, please visit the BOMI website at