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“Getting to Zero Net Ready”

You have been invited to participate in a Statewide Industry Advisory Committee as a Subject Matter Expert(SME), Industry Group Observer or a Stakeholder Advisor as part of a statewide effort to assist various industry groups better understand and prepare for achieving Zero Net Energy (ZNE) performance. The goal for this advisory committee is to assist industry groups with strategic guidance as it relates to energy mandates such as AB 32 & AB 758 in “Getting to Zero Net Ready.”

Zero Net Energy (ZNE) has unprecedented potential to transform the way buildings use energy. A renewed look at the projects, policies and programs driving zero net energy performance in commercial buildings is in its early phase. Achieving ZNE performance is more than careful design and installing the right technologies. For existing buildings, continuous attention to building controls and performance monitoring and feedback are key components in Getting to Zero Net Ready. Awareness and education in how to implement strategies with new and existing technologies will allow our buildings to be positioned for the next phase in becoming High Performance Buildings.

This “Statewide Industry Advisory Committee” is being developed by The Executive Institute for Energy Efficiency (EIEE) in conjunction with several ongoing efforts by the Investor Owned Utilities (IOU’s) and others to better scale energy efficiency – market transformation activities.

Aligning training with energy efficiency goals is now becoming a higher priority both from a statewide basis as well as on a national level. All industry stakeholders realize this need and proper direction. Your industry commitment, leadership and expertise will assist various industry groups with navigating their efforts with practical guidance and solutions towards California’s energy efficiency strategic plan.

As an Advisory Committee member, we ask that you participate in 4 conference call meetings during a 12-month period lasting between 60-90 minutes. Your industry expertise and knowledge will be utilized in assisting various industry groups focus their efforts in energy efficiency and market transformation.

As businesses prepares to develop a new class of workers for upgrading and operating California’s existing buildings, achieving the state’s energy efficiency goals is a priority for all. Efforts by this newly formedStatewide Industry Advisory Committee builds upon and expands on the work by the IOU’s to meet the California Public Utilities Commission’s mandates for Energy Efficiency Workforce Education and Training.

Thank you for your interest in participating in this statewide industry effort.

Carlos Santamaria, MBA, RPA, LEED AP
BOMA International Energy & Environment Chair
BOMA California Energy Chair
Managing Partner – EIEE