Brenna Walraven spoke at the “Health and Wellness” panel of Realcomm/IBcon conference on Smart Buildings & Sustainability in San Jose on June 21st.


Rampant Innovation – Tech’s Impact on the Role of the Sustainability Professional   1:30PM – 2:10PM

Keeping up with technology is a daunting task. The pace of change is unprecedented and is a challenge even for those who focus on tech. Sustainability professionals, like many other experts, are expected to keep pace and develop programs that take advantage of these new advancements. There are strategies that can help the sustainability professional which involve partnering with various individuals with different technical skills. This session will focus on how sustainability can partner with IT, energy, facilities and operations to collectively keep pace with the changes to buildings being influenced by technology, automation and innovation.

Health and Wellness – The Latest Chapter in the Smart Building Journey  3:30 – 4:10PM

Smart, connected buildings have the potential of delivering enhanced occupant experiences that are setting new benchmarks. Immersive experiences, sensors and environmental control are just a few of the new features available to building occupants. These new technologies also have the potential of creating environments that are very health and wellness orientated. Telemedicine services, sensors for air and water quality, automation enhanced wellness programs (Fitbit) and more, will all play a role in making our buildings more healthy and conducive to longevity. This session will explore the role that innovation will play in delivering healthy buildings.


Realcomm is the leading conference focused on the topic of technology, innovation and automation for the Commercial, Corporate and Facilities industry. This annual event brings together thousands of creative, forward-thinking, and insightful commercial and corporate real estate professionals from around the world who gather to discuss and debate how technology, automation and innovation continues to impact how we use, transact and operate real estate.

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