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The Business of Property Management (online course)

The Business of Property Management (online course)

The Property Management course gives a practical description of the “nuts and bolts” of the business of property management.  You will learn the secrets of the trade and the value of professionalism and ethics that will assist you in maximizing the income to the owners, while protecting the asset and treating tenants fairly.  Other topics covered in the course include tenant relations; landlord/tenant law; leasing/renting; office administration; insurance; financial statements/budgets; building maintenance; and property management as a career.


Course Description

CSUF: FIN 400 Property Management (online for CSUF students)

Brenna Walraven will shares Secrets of the Trade with CSUF students.



  • Property Management Introduction & Foundation
    • What it takes to be in Property Management
  • Skills needed
    • Every day is different
    • Customer Centric Approach
    • Understand Ownership Objectives
  • Examples of a “Day in the Life”
    • How does a pandemic impact your property or portfolio?
    • How does underwriting impact your job?
    • New ways to add value in property operations
  • Importance of Leadership
  • Questions


Date and Time

April, 27, 2020




Online for CSUF students


Class Contact

Jia Xie
Assistant Professor
Department of Finance
Mihaylo School of Business & Economics
California State University at Fullerton


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